Education is a lifelong process that should begin with birth and continue until the end of life, because this life is not a finished product but is in the process of becoming and acquires its significance and value only when it continuously progresses. It should become an occasion for incessant growth and development through learning.

Formal or institutional education has its relevance in the preparatory stage of life. Thereafter the process of education has to continue in its non-formal mode through interaction with the natural and human environment by individual initiative and effort. Education in both these modes in the present set up of life requires the support of group activities and organisations. The socio-political and religious institutions have emerged in different communities with their own sets of values governing the life and activities to serve the purpose, so that they channelise the individual energies in specific direction, and relieve man of the obstinacy and caprices of his ego. This working brings about a sort of harmony in the life of communities, which in turn facilitates individual happiness and progress also. The different civilisations and cultures come into existence and grow through such process of socialisation.

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