1. Education in order to be true to its meaning has to endeavour to bring out the best and the noblest the students are capable of and also to endow them with an understanding of the aim and significance of human life, so as to provide them with a lasting source of inspiration and equip them with necessary capacities and abilities when they enter and face the world at the end of formal education.
  2. In this endeavour due care is to be taken to explore and realise the full potential of being human by facilitating the awakening of their higher consciousness of the students and developing integrally and harmoniously around it their entire being, internal as well as external.
  3. In a good program of education although it is necessary to take full advantage of all external paraphernalia, its main thrust should be on the growth of the internal being, which alone gives it its real connotation. Such education would facilitate eventually gradual humanisation and subsequent spiritualisation of our current economic, political and social scenario which at present because of its insatiable urge for prosperity is grossly dehumanised by self-centred utilitarianism and polluted by the impact of consumerism.

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