1. With regard to our mission as educators, we have always to keep in view the aim of creating a better tomorrow and play our role sincerely as self-conscious educators at the height of creativity and dynamism and do our best in all circumstances, individually as well as collectively, with total involvement in all that we do.
  2. An educational institution in order to serve effectively its ideals has to grow like a living entity and endeavour to develop fully its potential and strive  continuously to improve and augment, upgrade and refine not only its facilities and equipments, but also its actual functioning .
  3. In order to improve and upgrade this function, we have to rise above our individual and collective prejudices. Then, ours would be a team united by the bond of dedication to the cause of education. Along with we would explore fully our energies and abilities and achieve optimum utilisation of the available resources and do all that we should do, so that eventually there arises in our Institution an atmosphere congenial to the progressive educational work.
  4. Thus, we would rise to our heights and do all that we can and should. However, we shall not do this because as employees such doing is required under rules, also not for this or that personal benefit that we might derive from such doing. It is the awareness of its intrinsic worth alone that would determine our work and actions.
  5. In this respect although we would certainly desire that our institution makes an adequate provision for reasonably comfortable and decent living for us, along with providing adequate facilities and equipments required for the fulfillment of its objectives, so  that we shall have not to worry in this respect. Even so, it would not be any of our personal worry, because we would keep in our view the awareness of the dignity of the mission only.

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