Spirituality consists of a human pursuit to become increasingly aware of our innermost being and highest consciousness and activate it in our total life, internal as well as external, gradually transforming and eventually unifying it with Cosmic Consciousness and the Supreme Being, the Divine. It embraces our entire life and activities and aims at the reorientation and regeneration of our life. Thereby it eventually leads man to the realization and manifestation of the Divine in this very existence, culminating in the creation of the Divine Life upon the earth, the Life of Freedom and Perfection, of Harmony and Beauty and of Love and Bliss. It brings to light the real meaning and significance of all that we are, we do and we have, of all that we achieve. It awakens and nurtures in us an aspiration to realize in and through our life the Divine, which is the source and raison de etre of our life and that of the entire universe and thus connects us with the task meant to realize our supreme destiny.


Religion consists of the human pursuit in which spirituality institutionalized. Religion provides significant forms to spirituality in the life of people that is relevant to their ethos. To serve this purpose it formulates and resorts to certain beliefs regarding the nature of human soul and its relationship to the Divine and his creation and the code of conduct and convenient rituals, which generally facilitate the gradual change in his life leading it to the realization of his highest destiny.

However, with the passage of time these beliefs and rituals because of their stress on external forms get stagnant and mechanized; they lose their contact with their inner kernel and get mixed up with the contrary desires arising out of human angularities and narrow interests and a variety of downward pulls. Then instead of assisting man in his spiritual pursuit, they strangulate it.

Hence, these beliefs and rituals, which constitute the outer shell of religion, need periodical reformation for the revival of spirituality.  Religion has to continuously undergo change in order to maintain its spiritual import, which is its soul.

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