Basic Human Pursuit

Education is a basic human pursuit enabling man to realise his true manhood and play his role effectively in life and its progress. It attempts to explore and employ his potentialities for growth along with his native disposition for learning with a view to acquire the knowledge, skills and virtues necessary to serve the goals determined by the conception of man and his destiny. Thus, there is complete correlation of the growth of an educational institution with that of this conception.

It is evident that man is not a creature whose sole function is just to preserve and prolong its life and that of its race. Certainly, there is a period of his existence when the survival or sustenance of life itself is a primary goal and life remains mostly under the influence of hedonistic or utilitarian considerations. It is a long period of human evolution, which even now continues to a considerable extent. However, man becomes truly human when he outgrows this state of existence and enters into the realm of values. Then a mere sustenance of life does not remain his main concern and life becomes a sort of seeking, a quest for its true meaning and significance. Thereafter, it is not merely his feelings of pleasure and pain or some other self-centered consideration or concern for reward and punishment through which the existing socio-political or religious and even educational systems operate, but primarily his notion of right and good that would guide and govern his life. [Read more – Click to open full article in PDF]


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