I studied in Mumbai and completed post-graduation in Philosophy from the Bombay University in 1954. Thereafter I worked as a research–fellow for two years in the Indian Institute of Philosophy at Amalner on the project: ‘The Realistic Trends in Indian Philosophy’.

My spiritual aspiration prompted me to opt for a teaching career. I worked for about six months in the year 1956 in a College run by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan at Mumbai and thereafter for about twenty years in an Arts College at Vallabhvidyanagar. At Vallabhvidyanagar I taught Philosophy to the students at the undergraduate and post-graduate level and helped the Ph.D. students in conducting their study and research in Philosophy. I participated in the administration of the University there as a member of its Academic Council and also its Senate and Syndicate and also helped in developing several Student Services on the Campus of the University.

I sought pre-mature retirement from this College in the year 1975 when I was its Principal in order to devote myself to the work inspired by the Teachings of Sri Aurobindo in the field of education initiated at Nargol. At Nargol I helped in developing a Residential Educational Institution. During this period in the year 1985, I was invited to preside over the annual conference of the Philosophical Congress of Gujarat. After working there for thirty two years, I retired in the year 2007 from all formal duties.

After my retirement, I am staying with my family at Ahmedabad. However, my students and colleagues of Vallabhvidyanagar and of Nargol and my friends in India and abroad constitute my larger family. I love them all and cherish their love.

Sri Aurobindo Centre of Vallabhvidyanagar was functioning at my residence only. The work of this Centre and of such Centers at other places in Gujarat, became inseparable part of my life. I conducted workshops and study classes in the different colleges and in Sri Aurobindo Centers in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and also in England besides editing a journal of Sri Aurobindo’s Action in Gujarati, known as Sri Arvind Karmadhara.

To acquire knowledge about the evolution of man and his destiny and to share the knowledge thus acquired with people through study classes and writing articles is the work in which I found my self-fulfillment. Besides, to revive my institution at Nargol and put it on its right track for its fuller development, in order that it truly serves the new generation and equip it for creating better to-morrow for humanity.

Govardhan_Dave2I am convinced that love would be the basis of New Humanity which is to emerge, and it will certainly emerge. And it is our present youth, which is supposed to have no vested interest, that has to get rid of the vitiating impact of our collective past, while rising above the weaknesses and prejudices that we have inherited, so that they become harbinger of the New Age, the Age of Liberty and Equality, of Freedom and Perfection, of Beauty and Love.

However, at present I am a bit worried about increasing narrow-minded self-centric attitude associated with a lot of negativity in normal life, which is a destabilizing force eventually leading to division and frustration. I am also worried about our attachment especially to the ready-made thoughts, which are mostly the products and outcome of consumerist and utilitarian culture. Both these factors are inter-related. Actually they are two inseparable aspects of the present malady that we as humans are passing through.

I feel unhappy when I see that only a few of us are educated to think and have courage to think and live independently as individuals, quite aware of our duty towards the Society and towards the mankind to which we belong. We are having thoughts. We believe that they are our thoughts, which they are not. It is this that is the real human bondage from which we have to liberate ourselves in order to justify our existence.

We become truly individuals when we start thinking and thinking straight, with a free and open mind, bereft of all prejudices. It is high time that the present state of our existence changes and we truly become individuals, on the way to become master of our own destiny. Until then in spite of our education, we remain uneducated literates, might be intelligent, but not intellectuals, and certainly devoid of culture.


2 responses to “About

  1. Ranjan Parikh

    True introduction of my Dear Pappaji

  2. Iqbal

    Dear Sir,
    My Name is Iqbal.
    I had a privilege to work for you during your Nargol days. I was working for the Computer Department in your academy.
    I don’t know how to put this into words, but I’ll still give a try (without taking much of your time).
    My schedule was to visit Nargol twice a week, and I would enthusiastically wait for those days. The reason being you – Sir.
    I used to silently observe you – the way you greeted, treated, instructed and inspired people was awesome. Thank you Sir, for teaching me such important life lessons.
    Best Regards,

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